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Become an Inventor

Icontraption is a community for any and all iconmakers who have nowhere to post their icons. That means that this is basically a group graphics journal. That also means that anybody is allowed to post here as long as they don't have a graphics journal already.

Inventors! Please make sure to track this entry! I may not be able to approve makers and give them access to everything all the time, so let's make this a team effort to keep things running smoothly.

When you are applying to become an inventor, you'll need to fill out this form:
Username: your LJ username
Name: What should we call you? It can be a real or fake nickname~
Favorite Invention: Please don't just say "my laptop" if you can't think of something... that will get old fast.
Other Information/Questions: Let us know stuff that may be important or any concerns or questions... like if you have an old graphics journal that you're not using, or if you're not sure about some of the rules, etc.
Three Outgoing Links: 1, 2, 3 (These will be added to the profile once you've been approved, so think stuff like resources, your tumblr account, your DeviantArt account, etc.)
Icons: We need three samples for the profile. You can change these out as often as you want, but we need a starting point.

Please use this when filling out the form:

You should be checked and approved within a few days at most. This is not an elete community, so don't worry about not being good enough or anything stupid like that. Here are icontraption all iconmakers are created equal!

Once you've been approved the following things will be taken care of:
1. You'll get a tag with your username to use when posting to the community.
2. You'll be added to our profle.
3. You'll be given posting, mod, and maintainer status.
4. You'll be asked to track the important permanent posts such as the affiliates list, and the application post.

Please make sure to read the rules before applying for membership. There will be a secret code in the rules that you must add to your application so that we'll know you read them~
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